I am happy to see Ayus Charitable Trust is involved deeply in helping the Pacific Nations. New Zealandgovernment will be happy to give any related assistance within our Policy framework.

Hon. Damien O’Connor

(Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Government of New Zealand)
21/04/2021 at New Zealand Fiji Business Council Event

Great work by Ayus Charitable Trust. Donating medical goods worth $375,000 to help the PNG people is remarkable achievement. MFAT will help you in future to build stronger relations in the South Pacific Region.

Hon. Phil Twyford

(Minister for Export Growth & State Minister for immigration, Government of New Zealand) 27/05/2021 at Pacer Plus Networking Event

Trustees of Ayus Charitable trust are involved in providing healthcare services in Fiji over two decades and this time through their Trust they have donated cancer drugs to the government of Fiji for the betterment of the community. I am thankful to Ayus Charitable Trust and Fiji Government is looking forward for long term relation with the trust in future.

Manjula Lal

(Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Government of Fiji) 20/07/2021

It is nice to know what Ayus is doing in Papua New Guinea. New Zealand Government definitely assist you with in our policies.

Hon. Grant Robertson

(Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Government of New Zealand. 09/10/2020 at an Event