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Durdamya Munibhargav

Mr. Durdamya was the Chief Coordinator of Sahyadri Speciality Pacific Hospitals Limited
(SSPHL) Fiji, a Fiji based company which had a joint venture agreement with the Ministry of
Health, Government of Fiji for providing tertiary healthcare facilities. As a part of medical
awareness campaign of SSPHL Mr Durdamya has arranged and co-ordinated free medical
camps in South Pacific countries like Fiji, Nauru, Papua New Guinea etc at multiple locations where over a thousand people received free consultations by doctors from various super-speciality faculties. Mr. Munibhargav is well versed with the ‘know-how' of public-private partnership programs.


In 2016 Mr. Munibhargav conducted free Indian Musical Events in New Zealand at various places such as Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington as a part of a health awareness campaign with the support of Government of India and local organisations. Mr. Durdamya was a professional tennis player and has represented New Zealand in ITF and ATP tournaments around the world.