Climate Change


Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Sea levels are rising, and oceans are becoming warmer. Longer, more intense droughts threaten crops, wildlife, and freshwater supplies. To adequately address this crisis, we
need to reduce carbon pollution and prepare for the consequences of global warming, which we are already experiencing. One of the agendas of Ayus is to tackle Global Warming.


Major points where Ayus will be contributing to the climate change are:
Restoring nature: The natural world is very good at cleaning up our emissions. Planting trees in the right places conserving forests and wetlands, adding regenerative practices to agriculture. This is because photosynthesising plants draw down carbon dioxide as
they grow, locking it away in soils.


Reduce plastic: Plastic is made from oil, and the process of extracting, refining, and turning oil into plastic (or even polyester, for clothing) is surprisingly carbon intense. It doesn’t break down quickly in nature, so a lot of plastic is burned, which contributes to


We are not limiting ourselves by helping the cause in specific region or country. Being an international registered charity Ayus will be going global to restore nature and reduce plastic during global warming crises.Women’s health is an issue that  requires immediate attention and focused action.  If you agree, join our cause. Prevention is better than cure!

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